New Spring & Summer Prints Are Now Available!

Our new Spring & Summer prints are now available in the shop!  This is my first attempt at doing a ‘collection’ of prints and I’m pretty happy with how well everything turned out, and I’d love to share with you how and why I chose each print today.

To get a universal look for the new prints, I decided to seek out an amazing photographer who I’ve worked with previously on a ‘look’ and I’m so excited to share all the amazing photos with you today.  Shiloh from Shiloh Reed Photography is so amazing, and so easy to work with.  She just seems to know exactly what I’m looking for and need.  She’s awesome, and she has 2 of the cutest kiddos I’ve ever seen, and I’m sure you’ll think the same. :)

First up, is the ‘Large Raindrop’ print.  This one is pretty self explanatory.  It’s Spring!  And that means lots of rain and storms.  One of my favorite and exciting parts of the coming warmer weather (finally, right?!)!





And, my personal favorite…’Sprinkles’.  Sprinkles to me = Ice Cream.  And Ice Cream = Summer.


^^^Harper’s little baby toes sticking out of these leggings are so adorable!!^^^






Gray with a ‘hand-drawn’ chevron print leggings remind me again of rain & gray, stormy skies.  And this boy’s hair?  Seriously…he has the best hair.  I’m jealous. :)




And how could I not include a little ‘Golden Sunshine’!  This gold mini-chevron print just warms me up and I envision myself soaking up some rays on the beach (safely with SPF100 of course), and getting some much needed Vitamin D after this horrible, horrible, horrible….HORRIBLE Winter we’ve had this year.






I’m not going to lie, I love skinny stripes.  We needed a girl version of our blk/wht skinny stripes, and soooo ‘hot pink skinny stripes’ it is!




This might sound a little odd, but this blue geometric print reminds me of ‘flying geese’.  lol  We get lots of geese around here in Indiana, and even as a kid I loved to see geese coming back from their trip down south.  Even though they’re mean and leave their business all over our sidewalks, I still enjoy those birds.






I’m not gonna lie…I totally picked this chevron print because I’ve been wanting to buy it forever.  I have no reason, other than because I love it, and it’s gender-neutral. :)






I hope you guys love them as much as I do.  I can’t wait to see our new prints on your little ones!

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Real Camera Challenge

I keep seeing this ‘real camera challenge’ posts all over social media this month, so I thought I’d give it a try.  The challenge is to take photos with your real camera, not your camera phone or some other means of photo-taking, every day.  It’s true that I should bust out this heavy piece of equipment and lug it around more, but lets be honest, it’s a pain in the butt when you’re already carrying a diaper/purse bag, and attempting to keep a toddler under control while you’re out.  I’m lucky if my purse/diaper bag weighs less than 10lbs these days.  Carrying an extra 5 lbs around your neck just isn’t appealing.  But, the pictures…oh the pictures.  They’re just so much more amazing and crisp!  So I’m determined to do it.  Lug around my big camera.

Here’s a few photos I’ve taken today and yesterday with my Canon DSLR…I can’t decide on which one is my favorite!











I’m in love with all of these pictures.  I guess it’s time to give the phone camera a rest and put this DSLR to work.  I’ll post more of the challenge pics next week!  I’d love to have any of you do this along with us and post a link to your photos in the comments!

Next up on the blog…our January Photo Round-up…once I find my phone. ;)

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Styled Shoot With Shiloh Reed

Shiloh from Shiloh Reed Photography contacted us a couple weeks ago and proposed an absolutely adorable style-shoot featuring her adorable daughter, and yesterday she shared the results with us, and they are absolutely stunning!  Shiloh’s photography is incredible and her editing skills are seriously top notch!  If she lived closer she’d most certainly be taking our family photos every year.  I just love her work and I hope you to do, because she’s our official photographer for the collection of prints coming out this spring in the shop. :)  I’m very excited to be working with her!

Here’s some of the photos from the shoot!






For the whole outfit: Large Feather leggings by PeaceLoveCreate Designs/Gold Leather Moccs with bow by KnottyTots/Organic TeePee Onsie by MillieDot Threads/Feather Headdress Headband by Southern Adornments

Until next time!

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New Year & Together Again!

      Time to get caught up on the blogging. We had an amazing Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year with friends and family.  It was such a wonderful holiday season having my husband home this year.  Our families gave us a lot of help with the kids so we could go out and spend time together.  The best however was our New Years Eve.  My mother-in-law got us Chicago Bulls tickets and watched the kids for us so we could spend the night in the city.  It was so much fun and there was a blizzard!  Most people may think “oh no!”.  Not us, it only made it more exciting and romantic to be downtown watching the snow fall.  This past year was so hard without him, 2014 is off to a wonderful start!

Downtown Chicago NYE with my love.

Downtown Chicago NYE with my love

After a few drinks I had to make some snow angels!

      We drove from Fort Sill to Northwest Indiana for both Thanksgiving and Christmas. It was quite the traveling experience, especially in December. We drove through freezing rain for 14 hours on the way there. Then on the way home we stopped in Missouri and woke up to almost a foot of snow and had to drive in that for 6 hours!

Bear and Bella my travel buddies!

Bear and Bella my travel buddies

Vivi was so happy to get to the hotel and be out of her carseat!

Vivi was so happy to get to the hotel and be out of her car seat

Ben waited all day to play with his play doh again!

Ben waited all day to play with his play doh again

The roads in the morning!The Roads in the morning.


However, we got out of Indiana just in time because the Polar Vortex (yes polar vortex) came through and they got about 2 feet of snow and had temperatures about -50 with the wind chill. Oh my goodness! We have giant spiders (actual tarantulas) and crazy winds here in Oklahoma (For example, we’ve lost power twice today from the wind.) but I don’t miss Chicago winters! Anyways, it was such a great time being home with everyone we were very sad to leave. We love and miss you all very much.

      Since we have gotten back here in Oklahoma we have been trying to get our lives organized and back on track. Since my husband came home from his deployment things have been crazy. Traveling for 5 weeks and unending celebrations. Now that things have calmed down we can really settle into our new house and pick up where we left off. I have been quite busy making boards and I am so thankful. It has been great! I have a little work station all set up now and it feels awesome to be able to have my own work to do. Being a stay at home mom is wonderful but it’s a good feeling to be able to somewhat contribute to our family’s needs while doing something I love. I am very excited and have some new board ideas in the works.

      My other main focus since we got back has been our health.  We both classically gained about 10 pounds after the holidays and celebrations.  Literally none of my clothes fit by the time we got back to Oklahoma!  So it was time to get down to business immediately.  I have been cooking new healthy recipes and focusing on working out and muscle training. I have been on for the past couple of weeks and so far I love all of the recipes posted on there!  Not a failure yet, kid and husband approved as well.  

chicken pot pie soup was the kid's favorite!

Chicken pot pie soup was the kid’s favorite


Picadillo stuffed peppers was momma's favorite!

Picadillo stuffed peppers was momma’s favorite

Then for breakfast and lunch I started doing my Herbalife shakes again.  This time last year I became and Herbalife health coach while doing the diet and selling it as well.  I will be a lifetime customer.  I love having my shakes, they are delicious, filling, easy, and the best part…they help me lose weight!  



      It has been quite difficult to figure out a time best to exercise with being so busy with the kids but I have a new system that has been working out well so far. In the morning when Genevieve takes her nap I get Ben dressed and let him play in the garage on his bike and big wheel while I run on the treadmill.  This plan goes well for a little bit but right about the time I get my heart rate up is when things start to go wrong.  First, he decides he wants to get really close to me and check out the contraption I’m running on is, which totally freaks me out and I have to yell at him to back away.  Then, he decides he needs to use the bathroom…again…even though he just did before we went outside.  Since we’re potty training I can’t really say no, and I swear on the days I do say no he pees his pants on purpose to prove me wrong and say “See mommy I had to pee pee.”  Finally, he decides he’s starving and needs food or popsicles or anything he can get me to give him because he knows I just want him to cooperate so I can run.  He’ll keep running into the house (slamming the door each time with scares me will wake up Vivi) and bringing out different food options.  All these things force me off the treadmill and then back on…and then off.  In the end does this still count as a run?!  Oh the joys of mommyhood.  How do all those hot mamas do it!?

Rocking his new batmobile!

Rocking his new batmobile with…a popsicle…

IMG_20140116_152325Then for my weight training we finally go inside and he gets a popsicle…or two… besides the snack he got out of me in the garage…and a movie. He has been such a trooper allowing me to get my exercise in, I’m very proud of him, also impressed with his manipulating skills.  Next month we are going to join our local YMCA. I hear it is very reasonably priced and they allow 2 hours of free child care a day. I’m very excited about this so I can get a GOOD workout and also so my kids can get some social interaction and get out of the house for something new! Yay! Lets hope they let me leave the room!

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Valentine’s Day Style Shoot & The Chirping Moms Giveaway!

photo 3-6_Fotor

^^Adorableness, am I right?!^^

I can’t believe Valentine’s Day shopping is in full swing, candy and cards have already been spotted in stores, and I’ve already purchased LJs ootd to celebrate one of my favorite holidays of the year.  As much crap as Valentine’s Day gets (ya know, how its a huge scam and commercial holiday to suck money out of our wallets, etc. etc.), what’s more important than spreading a little love around and focusing on celebrating our loved ones just a little bit more one day a year??  I’m totally for it!  I’m gonna be honest, I was searching for Valentine’s Day prints for the shop back in probably November, purchased them in December, and now here we are!  We’re already just a month away from scarfing entire boxes of tiny little candy hearts, red hots, and reading sappy cards!  Yay!

As soon as I posted about the new Valentine’s Day prints on our Instagram account, I was contacted by Cady of Boughtin Baby and Bride, who proposed a style-shoot with some of her shop’s items, and bows from Pip Bowtiqe!  So I’ve been working behind the scenes with Boughtin Baby & Bride on our first baby style-shoot, and I couldn’t be more happy with the results!  Model Mila is absolutely adorable and looked perfect in the outfits put together by Cady, using her adorable onsies, our 100% organic Valentine’s Day-inspired leggings (here & here), and accessorized with two amazing bows by Pip Bowtique!


photo 5-4-1_Fotor



style shoot

photo 5-6 copy

Isn’t baby Mila so adorable!  And those lashes that go on for days!?!  I’m hoping we get to work with her again soon, Boughtin Baby & Bride, & Pip Bowtique in the near future!

Something else we’ve been working on behind the scenes, a Valentine’s Day giveaway over at The Chirping Moms!  I’m so excited to be working with Julie and Courtney, 2 awesome moms who became friends and started a blog together.  Pretty great concept if you ask me, right Kelly?? ;)  We’re giving away a pair of leggings from the shop this week (winner’s choice!), and there are TONS of great other items up for grabs from other great shops!  Head over HERE to enter and see what you can win!  I’ll be sharing it on all our social media sites all week as well.  Follow @thechirpingmoms on IG to see our leggings in action!  The word is 2 little ones wrestled over who got to wear them. ;)

In the meantime I’m working away my nights and nap times to get your leggings orders out to you, working on bringing some new items to the shop (knotted hats, headbands, and slouchy beanies anyone?!), and a “Spring Collection” of coordinating prints is officially on the way which I’m super stoked about, and excited to give you guys a sneak peek.  I’m hoping to have it out by Mid-March at the latest.  I’ve got a lot more things going on behind the scenes as well, so be sure to follow us to stay up to date on what’s happening so you don’t miss anything!

Here’s the links for all our pages to follow along and watch us grow, see when new items hit the shop, and of course, see LJ. ;)

FacebookTwitter, and @plcdesigns on Instagram!

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